Welcome to the realm of Elopements!  

If having a smaller and more intimate experience together is what you pictured in your head then you are in the right place.  

Some people still believe Eloping is running away in secret to get married. Now-A-Days it has morphed into SO MUCH MORE!

An Elopement is a day crafted around you and your partner and what is important to YOU and not a long list of guests you barely know.  

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Marriage laws vary state to state and overseas but in Texas you have to wait at least 72 hours after getting your marriage license before the ceremony can take place. 

Having a photographer that is ordained as well is super cool because then if you REALLY just want the two of you and no one else then I can officially sign off on the license for you!  

Giving yourself 1-2 hours coverage will cover the ceremony and some couples portraits after. Trying to squeeze in more would make it fast paced and rushed. Isn't one of the reasons your Eloping to avoid the added stress? Not to mention, it wouldn't tell the full story of your adventure. Imagine you were reading a novel and half of the Chapters were missing? You wouldn't know the full story would you?  I want your gallery to show the full story of your wedding day.   

so....what do you mean by elopement "guide"?

your elopement is more
 Than just a photoshoot!

can i bring guests?

how do i make it legal?

An Elopement is a GREAT way to roll your ceremony AND honeymoon into one big adventure!  And while an Elopement is far less stressful than a big traditional wedding it does still require some planning and logistics.  Never fear....Jessica is here!   This is where I step in and assist.  From researching locations and permits, to finding the perfect vendors, to creating a list of items for you to pack. Need me to pick up the flowers on the way? No problem! Need me to build you a ceremony arch? Also, no problem lol. I'm your shoulder to lean on.

Absolutely!  Although getting married with just the two of you is a valid option, it doesn't mean you CAN'T invite guests. Our elopements allow for up to 25 guests.   Depending upon where you have your ceremony will determine the amount of guests allowed.  Some parks have restrictions on number of guests.

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5:00 AM  Wake up and get ready
6:00 AM  Drive to trailhead
6:30 AM  Hike to ceremony location
7:30 AM  Read vows as the sun rises
8:00 AM  Explore ceremony space and                     capture some just married
9:00 AM  Hike back to car

5:00 AM  Wake up and get                   ready
6:00 AM  Drive to trailhead
6:30 AM  Hike to ceremony                 location
7:30 AM  Read vows as the                 sun rises
8:00 AM  Explore ceremony                 space and capture                 some just married
9:00 AM  Hike back to car



4:00 AM   Wake up and get ready
5:00 AM   Have coffee and write vows                      together
6:00 AM   Drive to trailhead
6:30 AM   Have first look in the light of                    headlights before hiking to                        ceremony spot
7:00 AM   Hike to ceremony spot
8:00 AM   Read vows as the sun rises
8:30 AM   Explore ceremony space and get                some just marred portraits
9:00 AM   Sit down to a picnic and have                    some breakfast, maybe toast                    with some champagne
10:00 AM Hike back to car and go take a                  nap                  

2:00 PM  Head to horseback riding                         excursion 
3:00 PM  Hit the trails on horseback
5:00 PM  Share first dance on trail as sun               is starting to go down
6:00 PM  Arrive back at barn, head back to               Airbnb for a catered dinner
7:00 PM  Have a candlelit dinner 
7:45 PM  Cut you a piece of cake for                       dessert and go sit outside to                     enjoy the stars and drinks over                 your campfire
8:00 pm  I leave you to enjoy your night!

4:00 AM   Wake up and get                    ready
5:00 AM   Have coffee and                    write vows together
6:00 AM   Drive to trailhead
6:30 AM   Have first look in                  the light of                            headlights before                  hiking to ceremony                spot
7:00 AM   Hike to ceremony                  spot
8:00 AM   Read vows as the                  sun rises
8:30 AM   Explore ceremony                  space and get some                just married                          portraits
9:00 AM   Sit down to a picnic                and have some                      breakfast, maybe                    toast with some                    champagne
10:00 AM Hike back to car                    and go take a nap                  

2:00 PM  Head to horseback                 riding excursion 
3:00 PM  Hit the trails on                     horseback
5:00 PM  Share first dance on               trail as sun goes                   down
6:00 PM  Arrive back at barn,
             head back to Airbnb               for a catered dinner
7:00 PM  Have a candlelit                     dinner 
7:45 PM  Cut you a piece of                 cake for dessert and               go sit outside to                     enjoy the stars and                 drinks over your                     campfire
8:00 pm  I leave you to enjoy               your night!



let's CHAT!

"Jessica was nothing short of amazing!  We hired her for our elopement in Marfa, TX and she made the day absolutely magical, stress-free and fit us perfectly.  If you are considering an elopement, she excellently tailors your wedding adventure to whatever you need or can dream up.  We had never been to Marfa, and she scoped out everything we needed for the perfect destination elopement experience.  Not only did her photography capture the moments perfectly, knowing all the details were squared away helped us relax and savor the moments she helped create.  She was worth every penny (and more!) for an unforgettable wedding.  The bouquet was perfect, cake was delicious, the itenerary was tailored for our needs, and the the extra details she included blew us away! Would highly recommend her services to any other couple. " 



So one of the reasons I choose to go to Jessica outside of her AMAZING and UNBELIEVABLE photos that I saw, was just the glowing reviews she had. So I thought, even if I don’t like how they came out it sounds like I’ll have a lot of fun with her doing it anyways! And let me say, I was not disappointed! She is such an awesome person to work with! She made it fun and just a great time and in result it showed in the photos. Once she did our engagement photos I knew I was in good hands and choose the right photographer. She also saved the day when we lost our vintage get away car by providing her own beauty T-Bird. It was all just so awesome. Even my mother in law raved how much she enjoyed Jessica and Sandy as our photographers. She really enjoyed how friendly they were to our friends and family. You won’t make a mistake going with Shutterenvy. Because they will indeed have other bride’s envious they didn’t choose her themselves. Thank you Jessica! For your patience, awesome talent, and beautiful personality! We had a blast.



With just a quick glance at her portfolio it's easy to tell that Jessica is an amazing photographer. What we loved about working with her is what you don't get see until you meet her. She has an amazingly FUN personality and projects a feeling of calmness and reassurance that made us feel relaxed and comfortable even on the most stressful and exciting day of our lives. She really listened to what we wanted for our wedding which was to capture the moments between us, and our loved ones and she didn't let us down. She is also ready to roll with your crazy ideas and themes if you have them. From our half Star Wars, half Alice in Wonderland engagement shoot, to getting down on the dance floor with us at our wedding, we couldn't have imagined having anyone else, but Jessica. If you're looking for someone who can perfectly balance professionalism, artistic styling, and someone who will direct even the most awkward and unphotogenic couple, she's the one or you. We really feel like we had so much more than just a great photographer and couldn't recommend her more. We're so grateful for all of her hard work and amazing talent.



I cannot begin to express how wonderful it was to work with Jessica and her second photographer, Nicole! Right off the bat she made us feel very comfortable and made it easy for us to pose. During our engagement shoot she gave us some suggestions but let us do our thing and she caught some great candid's. She even went with my usual request to take pictures at our workplace in scrubs (we met working together in ICU). During our wedding, she took every photo we wanted and more. She's very flexible and fun! Her style uses darker tones but the pictures still come across airy and natural. She's easy to communicate with and we got our pictures back a little less than 2 weeks after our wedding. Highly recommend Jessica and her team!



Jessica shot adventure engagement photos for us in Colorado! She was so fun and easy to work with. We are not naturally very photogenic and felt kind of awkward going in front of the camera, but she gave us such great directions/tips and kept us laughing the whole time, it made the whole experience so enjoyable. She has such a great eye for angles and is willing to go the extra mile for a good shot. You can tell she really loves what she does. She got us our photos super quick as well! You won't regret hiring her!



If I wasn't marrying my husband that day I would have married Jessica! Haha, her pictures were completely gorgeous and she did a free engagement shoot with us before the wedding that was so romantic and artsy and fit perfectly what I wanted. I knew without a doubt when I saw them I had made the right choice for the wedding day and she and her second photographer absolutely delivered. I'm so happy to have such beautiful photos to remember the whirlwind of a day by and to look back on forever, not to mention the price was worth every penny and the printing rights were included in the package so we are able to print them in the future as we like which is amazing.



Jessica is super talented and does beautiful work. I love the dark and moody editing, and she captured us wonderfully. She's also a super cool person in general to hang out with. We used her for some fun photos outside of the wedding as well and everything always comes out great.



Jessica was an absolute blast to work with! My husband and I are big Star Wars nerds. When we told Jessica that we were going to have some Star Wars decor at our wedding, she jumped right in and got the most CREATIVE and AMAZING shots! I highly recommend hiring Shutterenvy. It was so affordable (for a teacher and social worker) and we got so many terrific candid pictures that perfectly captured our day.



I can’t explain enough how amazing Jessica was! I have horrible picture anxiety and she was so patient and understanding with me. My photos are amazing and she’s so creative!

I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED this amazing, talented woman!



Jessica is the photographer you want at your wedding! She was so kind and fun to work with and she was patient with my overzealous family. Our pictures are gorgeous and guided us into beautiful poses. Our experience was absolutely 10/10 highly recommend!









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