The Labyrinth Styled Elopement

Have you ever watched a movie growing up that paved the way to your creative soul? For me, that movie was The Labyrinth. It was a visual caress to one’s already budding creative mind. Jim Henson was a frigging GENIOUS! It may have also spawned a completely harmless crush on one David Bowie with the power of THE CROTCH! (I mean that bulge come on, I can still remember blushing and laughing about it as a kid.) So what would it look like if Sarah and Jareth actually got married? Here is my vision!

Our models and vendors worked so hard to pull of this stunning shoot before Halloween. October is considered the busiest month for us wedding vendors so I was really proud of the team coming together at such short notice to make this happen. It was everything I dreamed of and more. We had extra models to represent characters from the masquerade and our boudoir model was a hint at the Fireyes.

One of my favorite props was the little worm dubbed William, and yes he did invite us in for a cup of tea with the missus. Ludo is represented as well……can you find it?

Huggle was pretty upset when Sarah stole this bag of jewels! They was his rightful property!

Photographer and Coordinator:



Florist and Decor:






Cake Artist:



Sarah Model:

Jareth Model:

Boudoir Model:

Masquerade Model:

Sarah’s Dress, Jareth’s Jacket and Boudoir robe provided by:

Masquerade dress provided by:

Hair Stylist:

Makeup Artist:



Live Event Painter:



Worm, Embroidered Clock and Stationery provided:



  1. K Morris says:

    I love the creativity behind this photoshoot! Great job!

  2. Sienna says:

    This is such an artistic session! I love when photography can tell a story.

  3. Dylan says:

    Woah, this is so incredibly creative and FUN! I love the attention to detail and the way you used the sideways picture frame. You really honored the film while adapting it to a contemporary purpose. Well done!

  4. Hannah Taylor says:

    One of my favorite movies as a child! I’m in love with your creative mind and images! ROCKED IT!

  5. CruzCruz says:

    Love this so much, I had thought about doing our wedding Labrynth styled and also am eying a dress- this was so well done!! Love it

  6. Weirdie Grizzly says:

    Great style with fantastic props and list of vendors. The venue is perfect and your imagination turned into photos very well.
    Truely an unique elopement

  7. Lexi Hoebing says:

    WOW okay these are moody as heck! Looks so fun!

  8. sannsa says:

    This is so COOL! All the details on the vow books and invitations… just wow. I absolutely love your work!

  9. Leo says:

    This is such a unique idea with some amazing photos to back it! You’ve done a great job on the details too and your couples would be lucky to have you for your creativity. Thanks for sharing!


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