Tips and Ideas for Planning a Halloween Elopement or Wedding

Halloween Elopement or Wedding
Addams Family Theme FTW!!

Things to think about when planning a Halloween themed Elopement.

Having a themed Elopement or Wedding involves a lot of the same planning as a traditional Elopement or wedding, but just a little more EXTRA! You still have to have your wedding attire, a venue, guest list and decor etc. but because your adding a theme it does require a little extra oomph on the planning side. You will need to plan decor and items that really emphasize your theme well. So here are some tips and ideas for planning a Halloween Elopement or Wedding.

Halloween Elopement or Wedding

Tip #1 Costumes or traditional wedding attire?

Consider whether your want to wear costumes or traditional wedding attire. I’ve had couples that have done full on cosplay and others that have worn traditional wedding attire but themed them up with some jewelry or a special veil/crown, etc. This is entirely up to the look you are going for! Here are a few examples of some attire our couples have worn for their elopement.

Tip #2 Do you want your guests to dress up?

The fun thing about an Elopement or Micro wedding is that the guest list is usually pretty small if any, so asking your guests to come in themed attire can be something REALLY fun for everyone involved. Another idea if you don’t want to ask all of your guests to dress up would be to have your bridal party get involved in the theme like these guys below!

Halloween Elopement or Wedding

Tip #3 Use your favorite movies or tv shows as inspiration.

Are you a Harry Potter fanatic? How about Game of Thrones? Maybe your favorite tv show is Stranger Things and you want to incorporate the theme into your Elopement/Wedding. Maybe your just REALLY love Halloween and want nothing but black decor and skulls. The only limit here is your imagination!

Tip #4 Pinterest can be your best friend!

If you think it, someone has probably done it……and then put it on Pinterest. Seriously though Pinterest can be a great tool to use when creating your vision. I wouldn’t copy something you see identical but add your own special flavor to it to make it yours.

Tip #5 Selecting the perfect Venue.

Here’s the thing. I personally think you can bring a theme to any wedding venue/national park and make it fun but think about what your vision entails. If your going for a super moody dark Halloween feel then your wouldn’t want to select a venue that is entirely light and white on the inside would you? If you want to do an elopement inside a National Park but you want to set up a super awesome decorated prop you would want to make sure they would allow it.

Halloween Elopement or Wedding

Tip #6 Plan the right time of year.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be Halloween to have a themed Elopement/Wedding. Weather and seasons is an important part of planning your elopement/wedding. You may live somewhere that’s absolutely freezing during Halloween and you want to be warm. You may want fall foliage in the background but its all gone by the time Halloween comes around. Close your eyes and visualize what you want to be surrounded by and bring the decor and theme to life around you.

Tip #7 Buy decorations during clearance sales.

Know 100% that you want a Halloween wedding but its not going to be until NEXT Halloween? or that you need a ton of skulls and bones to pull off your theme? Hit up those Halloween stores right after when everything is 50-75% off! I have gotten SO MUCH decor and props from doing this!

Halloween Elopement or Wedding

Tip #8 Find the right vendors!

I can’t stress this one enough! Find vendors who love Halloween or your chosen theme as much as you do! Hey, hi helleeeeer howyaderrin? I’m talking about me! LOL Seriously though, it can be so helpful to have vendors who absolutely love to step outside of the box and create something totally different than the normal things they do. My life’s blood is in creating props and sewing costumes! But also, havig a baker that specializes in custom themed cakes is a must. Having a super talented hair and makeup artist that can bring your character to life. These are all things that will go a long way to making your day look enchanting and elegant versus cheesy and cheap.

Tip #9 Follow Leave No Trace!

This is a BIG thing to consider when getting married at a National Park or State Park. Well pretty much ANYWHERE to be honest! We all love the idea of a million candles and colored smoke bombs but lets face it, we will not be doing that in a park. While I do use smoke bombs quite a bit, that is only with written approval from the venue or on private property with approval. Any type of confetti bombs or glitter will also be a big no no. Click here to learn more about Leave No Trace.

Tip #10 Freaking ENJOY yourself!

This is supposed to be fun! I mean come on, if your even CONSIDERING a Halloween or themed elopemen/wedding than you already sound like someone I want to party with.

Are you looking for someone to help you plan your Halloween Elopement?

Look no further! I’m more than just a photographer. Helping my couples build props or decor around their theme is what I LIVE for!

Get in touch and let’s chat!

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